Surrealism Critique

This is a very interesting art piece, the axes are the trees and that makes you ask so many questions. What’s cutting the trees? Are they cutting themselves? Are there any living organisms in this world? Are these axes alive? Does anything else look different? All these questions just from one thing. You could just show the axe tree and nothing else and you could create so many things from that picture. That’s what’s so amazing about surrealism, the questions. Or you could just not question it and accept it but where’s the fun in that. In the end all if the artist are amazing and the art us very intriguing. Continue reading “Surrealism Critique”

Framing a Subject

1.I believe I have good composition
2.The only editing I really did was putting a filter so I wouldn’t say so.
3.I think what I would do differently is to shoot at a different location with maybe a more peculiar subject
4.I don’t think this belongs on the homepage, I’ve seen what others do and their work is amazing.
1. No I don’t think so
2. Again all I did was change the filter so no
3.I would have different lighting
4.No I don’t think this one does at all, it’s more of a I suppose not what to do and trying to make the best out of the situation.

File Formats

JPEG: Most used format, has less quality but takes up less space.

TIFF: Uncompressed files great for post processing.

RAW: Best option if you want to get the best file.

DNG: A standard raw format across all manufacturer’s.

PNG: Files compressed in a lossless format perfect for the internet.

GIF: Similar to png but they can only have 256 colors.

BMP: Another lossless compressed file but only good for printing.


Camera Modes

Automatic mode: This mode is really self explanatory. It tells your camera to calculate everything based on what it thinks is best.

Portrait mode: This mode sets a large aperture to make sure your subject is the center of attention. Great for photographing a single subject.

Macro mode: Intended for close up pictures. Depth of field is extremely small and is great for smaller subjects.

Landscape mode: Sets to have a small aperture for a bigger scene. Gives you a large depth of field.

Sports mode: increases shutter speed for moving objects. Get ready to take a picture where the object is moving to.

Night mode: Sets a long shutter speed due to low lighting. Will set off a flash to illuminate the foreground.

Movie mode: Similar to sports mode but is intended for video and sound. Has a fast shutter speed.

Aperture priority mode: You choose your Aperture and your camera automatically selects everything else. Great for controlling depth of field.

Shutter priority mode: You choose your shutter speed and the camera automatically chooses the other settings. It’s really just there so you can have everything else automatic and you control the shutter speed which is obvious.

Program mode: Just like automatic mode except with more freedom. You’re able to tweak a couple of settings.

Manual mode: You have absolute control over your camera. However you must have some idea of what you’re doing.



20 facts about lenses

1. Fish eye give a 180° point of view

2.landscape shots should have wide lenses

3.Wide angles give more of a expansive view

4.Wide angles should be used when prominent foreground objects are present

5.Big mistakes of new photographers is using wide angles incorrectly

6.Wide angles are good for tight room

7.Standard lenses go from 35mm to 85mm

8.Standard lenses are great for wide angles and telephoto shots.

9.Prime lenses are lenses that are just one focal length

10.Telephoto lenses makes everything look closer than it is

11.Wide angles make things look farther

12.Telephoto lenses are great for sports, nature, and wildlife

13.Faster telephoto lens are required

14.Too slow of shutter speed will cause blur

15.It is difficult for telephoto lens to track movement

16.Macro lens are good for tiny things

17.Perspective correction lens is good for architecture

18.Neophyte photographers need telephoto lens

19.Telephoto lens may cause the photographer to become lazy

20.There is a lens for every purpose


Alternative camera angles

Shutter speed:1/1799
F stop: 1.24
Shutter speed:1/1799
F stop: 1.24
Shutter speed:1/1799
F stop: 1.24
Shutter speed:1/1799
F stop: 1.24

As I was looking through interesting camera angles this photo captured my eye. The reason why is because of how funny it looks, with his foot being all huge and everything. Besides that though I do like this photograph for other reasons. This photo to me is how we look through a bug’s point of view. Humans being huge, their feet being absolutely is a really nice photo.

Conceptual Self Portrait

Shutter speed: 1/25.5
ISO: 800
F stop: 0.1

I use this as my self portrait for many things. This was the very first video game I ever played. I was three years old and my mom had moved in with my step dad (then later bought a house) and he let me play his playstation 2 and gamecube whenever I wanted. So the first game he got me to play was this, The legend of zelda the wind waker. Still to this day I play that game however it isn’t my favorite, the legend of zelda Majora’s mask is. But after being introduced to that I was so intrigued with this new hobby of playing videogames. So after that day whenever I had free time that’s all I would do. Then I really understood the value of them and started collecting videogames which also led to me understanding the worth of many other things like books, movies, etc. Now I have a book collection, a huge movie collection, and a massive video game collection. If it weren’t for my step dad and that one game I would be a different person. Some people think video games are pointless, a waste of time but they’re not, they’re a form of art just like photography, cinema, novels. Being able to travel to a different world even for a bit is an amazing experience and videogames pull that off better than anything else I believe, with virtual reality and the fact that you actual interact with this world rather than just watching or reading. Again, if it weren’t for my step dad or that game I wouldn’t care at all about this, I probably wouldn’t even want to be a director if it weren’t for them. Video games have a everlasting effect on my life that nothing else can replace.

After going through countless pictures of Cindy Sherman I just couldn’t get this one picture out of my head. Cindy is a extremely talented photographer and I love that most of her stuff is in black and white and self portraits. All of her work are worthy of taking the #1spot for me but there’s just something about this one. From the way she’s standing to the framing everything looks spectacular. I really do like how the only way you’re able to see her face is through the mirror, and it looks stunning. Lastly, I love that it’s in black and white of course but even if it wasn’t I would still say this is my favorite one from her.